Miss Manpleet KAUR (from India)
Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“I like my teachers very much because they give me solutions on the spot whenever I have questions about my study. They are also very friendly. I am planning to study nursing in a university.”

Miss Liuting PENG (from China)
Oxford College of English + Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“Sydney is a multicultural city and I feel more free here than China. My teachers are very professional for teaching. I want to study design in a university after this high school.”

Miss My Ha VO (from Vietnam)
Oxford College of English + Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“Sydney is quiet comparing to my hometown, Hochiminh city. I am enjoying studying here because all my classmates are very friendly. I joined in Year 10 class only a few weeks ago but I already have many friends in my class.”

Miss Laura SAYED (from Bangladesh)
Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“I like the location of our school. It is very close to everything. Teachers are very supportive and I could submit excellent assignment work recently. Our principal said my assignment work was university level. I want to study Medicine in university”.

Mr Da LI (from China)
Oxford College of English + Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“Teachers are very compassionate and patient to teach. No matter how many questions I ask, they teach me in details, until I can understand it fully. Our school is in a building in the city, so there is not sport ground, but it is not important because we go to Sports Centre and Gym. Good environment and good condition for HSC examination are the most important things and our school has them. I will sit for HSC Examination soon. I want to study Business at a university.”

Mr Tran Viet Tan NGO (from Vietnam) & Miss Halim LEE (from Korea)
Oxford College of English + Oxford College, Sydney - High School

“Because class size is small, teachers can take care of us very well individually. This is the best thing about our school. Big school cannot do this.”

Ms Catherine LONGARES (from Philippines)

She will start a Certificate III in Aged Care course at TAFE from February 2011. She took an EAP course at Specialty Language Centre for 7 weeks.

Studying with SLC is one of the most enjoyable experiences here in Sydney. SLC is the best place to study English. The classrooms are neat, clean, and conducive to learning. The instructors are organised on their lectures and knowledgeable enough in English usage.

We had several group discussions which allow us to practice our speaking skills. Aside from learning, the school had given me the opportunity to visit some sight-seeing places around the city. I have learnt new things and improved my English skills and now I’m ready to communicate effectively both in writing and speaking. Learning English at SLC is easy and fun while acquiring increase a knowledge and skills in English. I would highly recommend SLC for those individuals who are aiming to learn or improve their English.

Mr. Tien Manh LAM (from Vietnam)

He has enrolled in our EAP course for 40 weeks. He has been enjoying life and studies in Sydney.

Taking my opportunity, I came to Australia to study. With my very limited knowledge, I arrived in Australia. One week later, I started attending my English course at Specialty Language Centre (SLC). I did not study very well in the beginning, so I was very disappointed. One of my teachers said to me: “Don’t worry! I will work with you to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges ahead.” From then whenever I had any problems he constantly explained for me. My English skills have improved. I have a chance to experience many different cultures and traditions.

Six months ago, if you asked me “what the capital of Australia is?”, I would have said “Sydney”. Now thanks to many excursions which are held by the SLC, I know “Sydney” is a wrong answer. I still remember an excursion. It was called “Investigating the ocean!” We went to the Sydney Aquarium. Through the excursion, I found my interest in the mysterious ocean and had made a decision for my future job.

Communicating only in English and saying no to racism is the most important rules at SLC. We are family and support each other. It is my pleasure to be a SLC student.

Ms Sri SELAMAT (from Indonesia)

Ms Sri took an EAP course at Specialty Language Centre for 10 weeks, and since April 2011 she has started a Certificate III in Children’s Services course at one of colleges in Sydney.

When I was teaching Mandarin at a learning centre in Jakarta, I felt something imperfect about my teaching. So, I decided to study again Certificate III or Diploma of Childcare in an English of speaking country. For three months I was very confused and busy deciding which country to go to and which school to study, applying for a visa and preparing many other things. During that time, I kept asking myself whether it is a good decision to study abroad again?!

However, after I arrived in Sydney and started an EAP course at Specialty Language Centre (SLC) to meet the Children’s Services course’s English requirement-IELTS 5.5, everything became totally different!! I really enjoyed studying the EAP course at SLC. The course was very well organised and very fun. I was very happy. All staff at SLC were very helpful and supportive. My teacher was very nice and smart, and had good looking too (ha ha...). He was always there to help me with my questions and I really appreciate all his efforts he had done in our EAP class. All classmates were very kind to me as well. They always called me my English name. Most important thing is that my English has improved a lot!! My IELTS scores increased from 59% to 68% after two months studies at SLC! Wow, I am so relieved. Thank you SLC. Thank you guys.

Mr. Keonwook JEONG (from South Korea)

Mr. Keonwook studied with us for 24 weeks and achieved the IELTS 5.5 level of English. He will start Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling at TAFE from July 2011.

When I came to Australia for the first time, I was on a Working Holiday visa. I did not know anything about this country and had no idea how to study English. So, I always played with my Korean friends and I used to work everyday. I was afraid of speaking with local people. When I needed to do something, I did it with my family members here.

After I started studying at Specialty Language Centre (SLC), things changed a lot. Now I can go alone when I need to do something. I even try to speak with local people. I can feel my English has improved. I will study hard to improve my English further. SLC gave me opportunities to improve my English. I would like to say “thank you” to SLC.

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