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Information for Students and Staff

Policies & Requirements

• Student Service Guide and Requirements

• Student Support Services

• Procedure for Complaints

• Agreements

• Special Note to Students

• Brochure

• List of Units | Subjects | Timetable

• Accommodation

• Policies and Procedure for Study Protection, Welfare, Safety and Supportive Environment

• Homestay Manual

• Acceptance by Parents or Guardian of the College’s Approved Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements Form

• Host Family Inspection Report

• Continuous Monitoring Audit Report of Guardian/Host Family regarding Personal Safety and Social Well-being Form

• Report of Termination of Guardian/Host Family Form

• Indicative Costs of Living

• Students’ Rights and Responsibilities

• Discipline Policy, Procedures and Record Keeping

• Truancy Policy and Procedures

• Policies and Procedures for Student Attendance

• Monitoring Student Course Progress and Implementing Intervention Strategies

• Policies and Procedures regarding Transfer between Registered Providers

• Deferring, Suspending or Cessation including Granting a Leave of Absence during Enrolment or Cancelling the Student’s Enrolment (including Application Form)

• Completion within the Expected Duration of Study

• Student Placement Assessment Forms

• New Student Form

• Current Address Form

• Course Variation Form

• Appeals Form

• Policies and Procedures for Critical Incident

• Discrimination, Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying

• Principles and Guidelines for Disability and Special Needs

• Privacy Policy Statement

• Access and Equity Policy

• Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedure

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